You may or may not be aware of the implosion of Pokémon Go. If you aren’t, watch the first part of Philly D’s video. He breaks it down about as well as anyone I’ve heard. Niantic seems to have handled things in the worst possible way; someone should write a white-paper.

In this instance, Pokémon is popular enough that they’ll probably survive (that is, if they manage to fix the bugs within a reasonable amount of time, but we all know how patient fans are), but don’t follow their lead, people. They’ve broken trust with their customers, and when trust has been broken in this manner, it is difficult if not impossible to get back. So while Pokémon Go may survive, their future projects may very well suffer. The internet is littered with such examples. It may be common practice for startups to fail, but don’t fail for easily avoidable, stupid reasons.

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