thermometer-temperature-fever-flu-largeI am excited to introduce my new blog, The Movie Rx. This new series of articles will be posted here, under the Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid banner, but with Rx beginning each blog title.

So why am I doing a new series of blogs? Because I love movies. Love, love, loooooove them. The most frustrating thing for me isn’t when a movie is terrible (I loves me a good train wreck every now and again), but when an otherwise strong movie is undermined by a few poor choices. Some of these choices are directorial (an inappropriate style or tone), casting (choosing a popular actor rather than an appropriate one), story-telling (use of clichés, overused tropes, or poor construction), or poor character development (unclear, contradictory or uninteresting motivations). These small choices can, and have turned fans vehemently against the movie, or at the least have left audiences with a vague sense of dissatisfaction. Sometimes the negative feelings are immediate, and other times it comes more gradually, after the sugar high has faded. The result is a tarnished product, which is really unfortunate, considering how easily these things could have been fixed. Considering how many people are involved in the production of a movie, it’s hardly a surprise that these sorts of mistakes happen.

So there will be no deep analysis or comprehensive critiquing here.It isn’t about beating dead horses or crapping on other people’s work. What I’m hoping to do is help other artists and creators avoid making the same mistakes in their own work. Nothing fancy. Just good, basic technique. Also, by showing how even very small changes can affect your viewing experience, you may gain a greater appreciation for all the good stuff in the film.

If you have any suggestions for films you’d like to see medicated, be sure stop by the contact section and drop me a line.